The GC/RL Geiger Counter / Radiation Detection and Data Logger Project

Starting Screen of the Geiger Counter / Radiation Logger Firmware
A few months ago I created a very basic geiger counter application for the Flyport, it just displayed the Counts per Minute in simple text format. This worked nicely, but with a microcontroller and a wireless Lan you can of course do much more interesting things. The next step was a version of the program that would display one day of logged data with a simple HTML Bar graphic. This was a great improvement, since you could see very well the changes from minute to minute, especially when examining various materials for natural radiation.

The next step back then was to include more storage space for long term observation of the background radiation. The AT45DB041 Dataflash has 4MBit (about 512kB) of storage capacity and I had several of these laying around. I ported a SPI Library for the Dataflash I had already written for Atmel Controllers, and voila, the Flyport could talk to the Dataflash memory. Once the storage issue was solved, I wrote some HTML / Javascript pages to display the logged data and added some extra fancy routines for Alert Emails and stuff like that, and so here it is, the Geiger Counter Logger Project for the OpenPicus Flyport.

A complete Solution for measuring and logging radiation, with a 128 Day / 1440 Minutes per Day logging Capacity, Graphic Data Display, different alert sources, Min / Max detection, Dosimeter, and Realtime Bargraph.

If this is not enough, the Firmware allows you to write your own Javascript plugins and integrate them into the Flyport Web Pages WITHOUT having to reprogram the Module. You could write own modules for Excel Export or statistical analytices or whatever you want! See section "Edit Custom Scripts" for details.

The following pages describe the different screens of the Flyport Firmware, newer Versions may have added / altered functionalty, I will try to keep these pages updated when I make changes.

By the way:

This software could easily be changed to serve in other data logging applications like a solar radiation logger or a temperature data logger. For every minute, simply two bytes of data are logged, so by just substituting the counter-value by an AD-Converter Value or something you could do alot of interesting things!

How it works
Memory organisation
Time Keeping
Realtime Monitor
Logged Data
Min / Max
Memory Slots
Edit Custom
WLAN Setup
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